Well you could hardly call this spring here in New England. The crocuses are finally popping up but I've haven't heard too many cardinals yet in the early morning, it's just been way too cold for April. On the bright side it's been cool enough to get some of the downed wood from recent hurricanes cleaned up. I've never had such an early start on next winter's firewood.

I've put together a project skeleton for my new work finally, ontydb, and boy I've forgotten a lot over the years. Autotools, Guile, GOOPS, etc. I'm running Debian on an old Thinkpad X60. It took a wee bit of time to get the right image onto a USB stick, format the hard drive and get all this acpi stuff right so I can suspend it. It was worth is though since I now have a real sweet little development box running more or less what I'm running at Linode. It's amazing how much easier this stuff is to do these days. It seems no matter what the glitch is a quick googling will produce an answer. I always loved the keyboards on these X series Thinkpads. Geiser is very sweet, it's not a Symbolics but it's the next best thing.

Over the years I've done a lot of things involving databases, mainly trying to get description logics to play nicely with them. I've always wanted to build my own from scratch and try to collect together some ideas I've had over the years for implementing a database more suited for OO style applications. It will incorporate some of the work we've done building scalable description logics like Ontylog also. I'm going to document a much of this as I can while writing the code and working out the theory. At a minimum I figure this will provide a nice project to get me ramped up on scheme again, and guile in particular.

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Date: 2013-07-28 Sun

Author: Bob Dionne

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