Bob Dionne

Dionne Associates, LLC. Ridgefield, Ct. (June, 2007-present)

Software consulting services, at all levels, from design, architecture and implementation to staffing and management. Recent customers:

Vistology Inc. Framingham, Mass. (June, 2006 - June, 2008)

Senior Scientist

Basic research in Information Fusion, using categorical techniques to design approaches to situation awareness. Designed and implemented prototype reasoning engines using description logics and rules engines. Wrote grant proposals and research papers.

ROOT Markets, Ny, Ny. (December, 2005 - June, 2006)

Software Architect

Prototyped Erlang based application using early versions of ejabberd chat server. Worked with chief scientist on design of large web-based REST accessed storage system.

Apelon, Inc. Ridgefield, Ct. (November, 1996 - November, 2005)

  • Chief Software Architect
    • Responsible for all design and architecture of Apelon products and application programming services.
    • Executive account manager for large customer (National Cancer Institute) representing 27 percent of revenues.
    • Prototyped a robust scalable socket server for the kernel of Apelons DTS product.
    • Architected a run time classification server
    • Researched new technologies as appropriate to support the business
  • Vice President of Engineering
    • Merged software product lines from Ontyx and Lexical Technologies (two companies that merged to form Apelon).
    • Recruited and built a solid development team of 25 programmers, testers, and technical writers.
    • Assisted in building an IT support group.
    • Developed JavaBeans based Toolkit for assembling custom terminology applications
    • Maintained legacy software and provided migration paths for customers to new product lines.
    • Architected, designed and developed an App server, based on xml-rpc like messaging format (this was pre-SOAP)
  • Technical Staff Member
    • Started Ontyx, Inc. with a former colleague from IBM research.
    • Designed and developed the Ontylog description logic, pioneering the use of right identities
    • Developed core classification algorithms for Ontylog in order to provide a scalable robust implementation on top of a relational database
    • Ontylog based products led to cash flow positive results within 8 months.

Math Sciences, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown heights, NY. (October, 1989 - November, 1996)

Advisory Programmer

Basic research in description logics, programming languages, and algebraic semantics.

  • Developed classifier in C++ for K-Rep (a description logic) used in a clinical information system
  • Architected, designed and assisted implementation of a client/server tcp-based runtime system for accessing large knowledge bases as part of a large IBM/Kaiser Permanente CIS project
  • Pursued doctoral studies in the IBM work/study program

IBM Executive Marketing Education, White Plains, NY.(October, 1986 – October, 1989)

Staff Programmer

  • Built financial learning modules using Lotus spreadsheets as part of advanced customer executive education curriculum
  • Designed and built marketing surveys using a relational database for backend reporting and analysis. Implemented queries and report formats for end users.

IBM National Accounts Division, Bethesda, Md.(January, 1983 – October, 1986)


  • Migrated several applications from proprietary IBM internal macro language to CICS/PL/1.
  • Developed newer, more efficient scheduling algorithms for product scheduling.
  • Significantly improved overnight batch processing. Received IBM excellence award for this work.
  • Pioneered the use of DB/2 and SQL/VM at the site.
  • Developed education program for relational databases.
  • Developed conversion and migration utilities for existing IMS databases.


  • Doctoral student in computer science. University of Pennsylvania. (1993-95)
    • IBM work study program
    • Thesis area: Algebraic semantics of programming languages
    • Finished all course work and exams(4.0/4.0). Withdrew to join Ontyx
  • M. Sc. Mathematics. Michigan State University. East Langing, Michigan.(1982)
  • B. Sc. Mathematics. University of Lowell. Lowell, Mass.(1980)
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